Before I start on the topic of change, I thought I’d just share some stats which will give you something to think about. 90% of who we are has been wired by 35! 1% of your cells are replaced every day. Taste buds live only a few hours. Your white blood cells live for […]

Nourishment For Your Soul

This is just a quick call out there for those millions of people that are currently running so fast to stay on the treadmill of life that they often can’t find time to tap into the things that give them nourishment. We all understand that we eat food to give us energy and the food […]

Just Keep Pedaling

Having successfully completed my 3rd consecutive solo Race Across America, I’ve now had time to reflect on all of the learning that has taken place and I thought it might be worth sharing some of my insights and how it neatly fits with our every day challenges. Cycling 3,000 miles non-stop is fairly tough and […]

The Importance of Death

This is a tough subject, in fact it’s one that most of us don’t really give a great deal of thought to because it’s easier not to focus on something we think is 30,40,50 or 60 years away! More to the point it really only ever comes into our awareness when someone close to us […]

Leading Through Tough Times

On average there are about 2,000 business books written each year, most of which are attempting to come up with the latest strategies and models to help companies transform the way they do business or transform the people within the organisation they work for. It’s no wonder that it gets a little confusing as a […]

The trouble with kids today!

Having been a kid some years ago and being a parent to 6 children I believe I have some useful insights into the challenges and pressures children of today face. In a world that continues to change at pace and where people seem to have lost their patience when things don’t go the way they […]