Before I start on the topic of change, I thought I’d just share some stats which will give you something to think about. 90% of who we are has been wired by 35! 1% of your cells are replaced every day. Taste buds live only a few hours. Your white blood cells live for […]

Feeling Thinking Trap

I had the pleasure of having a really powerful conversation with a close friend last weekend, she also happens to be my chiropractor and has been part of my support team for 2 of my solo races across America. We were discussing how easy it is for couples to trample all over each others values, […]

Being Present

Yesterday a complete stranger proposed to me! I dived into a shop to get a sandwich and as I was checking out the young lady asked whether I had a loyalty card which I said no to, she then asked whether I needed a bag and I also said no. I then lost eye contact […]