More from Less

With downsizing & remodelling taking place across organisations, there are invariably less people to take up the slack. This in turn, has had a big impact on the emotional resilience of those individuals that are dealing with an increased workload. Being able to perform at your best when under pressure requires a positive mindset.

Thinking clearly when under pressure enables the individual to focus on the critical variables that make the difference, which in turn allows for accurate planning and delivery of the goals that have been set.

In particular being able to flex your style and having an extended toolkit around your Emotional Intelligence is the thing that separates the great from the good performers.

We measure the following 6 aspects of Emotional Intelligence, emotional resilience, personal power, goal directedness, flexibility, connecting with others and being authentic, all of which play a role in allowing you to perform at higher levels than your competitors.

Whether it’s through our 1:1 coaching programme or within a team environment, the tools and strategies support the individuals by giving them new ways to think through and look at problems.

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