Leadership Development

Our approach is simple, we need to fully understand your organisations past, present and future and what systems and processes are in place to support you achieving your organisational & people development goals.

Initially we use a combination of interviews and exploratory meetings with the key stakeholders, at the next phase we use JCA global who have become our partners of choice, over the past 20 years they have developed a suite of Emotional Intelligence tools that measures an Organisation at 3 levels:-

Leadership Climate Indicator

The LCI measures 12 aspects of leadership climate vital for employee and organisational performance. These are divided into six scales across two positive quadrants – Inspiring and Including, and six scales across two negative quadrants – Controlling and Withdrawing.

Team Emotional Intelligence

The TEIP measures Team Emotional Intelligence across six-scales, consistent with the core elements of the Emotional Intelligence Profile. The scales focus on:

Team Relationships; team members who positively value and respect each other (Climate) are more likely to be open and attentive towards one another (Openness), which will lead to strong and effective relationships (Collaboration).

Team Intelligence; a team that is united by a shared belief and confidence (Morale) will be more motivated and engaged in whatever it is doing (Motivation) thus helping the team to perform well and achieve what it sets out to do (Effectiveness).

Emotional Intelligence Profile

The 16 scales of the EIP are structured within a six-part framework. This separates the scales into:

Personal Intelligence; having positive self-regard, being self-aware and managing your behaviour effectively.

Interpersonal Intelligence; having a positive regard for others, being aware of others and managing your relationships effectively.

Other Things We Do

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