It Can’t be Done

We have been requested on so many occasions to instil a better mindset into an organisation, ultimately, a lot of the time it revolves around what can and can’t be achieved in that industry or in that economic environment. Using a blend of stories and various models to help create a new paradigm, we encourage individuals to see with new eyes.

This is a Mindset issue and ultimately will be driven by the current beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of the individuals or team. The ABC of Success™ framework allows us to create a deeper level of Awareness, around what is driving their current energy and where they are focusing their attention.

Most of the time, we are operating out of awareness due to years worth of conditioned behaviour, this in essence is how a culture of an organisation is developed over time. We consistently here sayings like:- “that won’t work here” , “ we tried that a few years ago” , “we haven’t got enough budget”, “we haven’t got enough people”, this list can be endless!

Once the awareness has been created and backed up with the latest research in Neuroscience, models are then shared which give individuals a choice about how they show up when interacting with themselves and others. One of the metaphors we use is the “Fingerprint” and they are quick to relate their awareness around the fingerprint they are leaving in every interaction they have with others, by just being more aware of the fingerprint, you are able to slow down and self regulate their responses.

The next step in changing a “Can’t Do” mindset to a more powerful “Can Do” mindset is to focus on the beliefs that are driving the person or the team. Using some simple yet very powerful exercises we explore whether they have Limiting beliefs or Empowering beliefs about themselves, the products and services, their boss, the senior team etc.

Seeing a project through to it’s completion is all about “Leaning” into it with 100% commitment. Time and again we see goals not being attained due to poor focus, too may distractions and the sheer pace, which can trip some people up.

Linking performance with the Leaning, Leading and Lagging indicators helps support the team or individual to maintain their attention to the tasks that need to be completed to help them achieve the results they are striving for.

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