Emotional Resilience

Being able to handle yourself when under pressure has become a key attribute in this competitive environment, whether it’s the big pitch to a client or doing a presentation at your company’s launch meeting, you need to be able to tap into your inner confidence when you need it.

Having the ability to bounce back quickly from any set back is not being emotionally devoid, it’s more about knowing that you have control over your own emotions and can choose an appropriate response in the right moment. When others might be running around without clarity, the world class performer can control his or her mind to produce a result that defy the odds.

There are various terms that we have become familiar with recently when describing someone who is losing it, “they’ve got the yipes” , “he’s buckling under the pressure” , “the hibbie jibbies”, “knee trembler” , “they’re throwing a wobbly” and many others!

These individuals that struggle in that pressure moment, can’t seem to access everything they know to help them navigate around the curve ball that has just landed.

In those key moments a peak performer handles their energy and how they show up, walking effortlessly through immense stress and pressure.

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