This is a issue with so many organisations, it doesn’t really matter whether its a global CRM system that is being updated or if it’s just some small re-arrangement of the office layout, when people are involved there is usually an opportunity to include them in the process to ensure there is full buy-in to the change.

Here’s a link to a recent study conducted by McKinsey looking at why so many Leadership programmes fail.

The 4 key aspects are:-

  • Understanding the current Context
  • Focusing on real business issues & outcomes
  • Understanding Mindset
  • Measuring the results of the programme

With any change, whether it’s with a team or the whole organisation the first step is to understand the context of what’s going on and to get a sense of the journey the company has taken to date.

We have a thorough diagnostic process using a combination of 1:1 interviews along with measurement tools to gain a subjective & objective view of what’s going on within the business or team.

Once we have all of the information this is compiled into a report and shared with the key stakeholders and a programme is structured around a shared understanding which focuses on the change that your organisation requires.

Business Outcomes
It seems obvious to be aware of the business outcomes and potential issues and yet some companies really do struggle to put their finger on what might be blocking the potential of their staff from being fully realised. Once we have conducted a full debrief of the diagnostic report, we are then able to align with the KPI’s or the new change that is being implemented.

Our coaches understand Mindset in great detail, either through their own sporting experiences or having held senior positions in their careers they know this is the difference that makes the difference when people are attempting to get results. What’s key with this arena is for people to be able to access their ability when under pressure to allow their best to show up when it’s needed.

The tools and strategies that are shared can be applied immediately, we know that there’s nothing really that new in this field and that a lot of the Mindset models are very much about common sense. Where we differ is in the way that our programmes are delivered, we believe in a self directed learning approach allowing individuals and teams to find the answers themselves with the support of great facilitators.

Our workshops therefore are highly interactive and experiential, time is given to discuss ideas and for the group to explore what the right solution is for them and the business.

This has become a key area for a large number of small & large companies recently and the data is there to support a well constructed programme and the return on investment.

Looking at all of the current internal systems that are in place and then linking the new behaviours with the KPI’s has become an art itself.

Within our associate team we have a depth of experience in this field to ensure that the new change sticks, to reinforce this, we look at the Leaning, Leading and Lagging indicators that will accelerate your growth and we have the technology to support this across the organisation.

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