The achilles heel of Leadership

I’ve been reading a lot over the Christmas period and reflecting on 2013 and the various opportunities I’ve had when in coaching situations with leadership teams, the reading has helped consolidate my own reflections about what causes a team to become dysfunctional and more importantly how to create a high performing team and a sustainable […]

The Corporate Buffalo

I’ve been meaning to write about this rare breed of leader for some time and now seems to be the right time to share my thoughts about “The Corporate Buffalo”. Here’s a little about the Buffalo:- Even in ranch environments, buffalo have retained their natural instincts for survival. They can weather storms and help their […]

The Nocebo Effect

I’ve always been interested in the power of having a positive mindset and we have all seen some amazing examples of people overcoming, sometimes insurmountable odds. I’ve been aware of the down side to not being able to think positively and how this can cause us to spiral out of control. Most people know about […]

Feeling Thinking Trap

I had the pleasure of having a really powerful conversation with a close friend last weekend, she also happens to be my chiropractor and has been part of my support team for 2 of my solo races across America. We were discussing how easy it is for couples to trample all over each others values, […]

What is your Purpose?

Ever wondered why you showed up? Or asked yourself what’s it all about? What am I here to do? Or ultimately, what is my purpose? I’m hoping that you have pondered these questions a number of times throughout your life and for some of you, you may well have found your life’s calling, for those […]

Beliefs Drive Everything

[youtube=] It’s not often that we think very deeply about where our beliefs come from, we have a view of the world and what is possible for us in life and most of us just get on with it, almost living out the life that we have been conditioned to live. Our beliefs have been […]

Being Present

Yesterday a complete stranger proposed to me! I dived into a shop to get a sandwich and as I was checking out the young lady asked whether I had a loyalty card which I said no to, she then asked whether I needed a bag and I also said no. I then lost eye contact […]

Being a Great Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker, I get a lot of people say that there’s no way they could ever get up in front of a group of strangers and talk to them. This was the thought that woke me this morning at 4.30am, so whilst I attempted to get back to sleep my brain went into […]

Start to Finish

[youtube=] It’s recently dawned on me that when I look at the Race Across America and in particular the solo race, there seem to be riders who have shown up to finish what they started. These people who finish no matter what shows up are people who even if the race or their bodies get […]

Nourishment For Your Soul

This is just a quick call out there for those millions of people that are currently running so fast to stay on the treadmill of life that they often can’t find time to tap into the things that give them nourishment. We all understand that we eat food to give us energy and the food […]