Awful Leadership

Yes the title is deliberate, I’d like to challenge you to be an AWFUL leader to inspire others to fulfil their inner greatness. Let me explain before I go any further, the old meaning of the word awful was used when someone was “full of awe”, so my challenge to you is to fill others […]

Stand for Something

  Most of us have ¬†grown up with a heavy conditioning of the hero stories that were read to us as children, the bedtime books are filled with victory and overcoming insurmountable odds. That conditioning continues throughout our lives with block buster movies that carry that theme forward. The sporting world is also glittered with […]

Just Lean Into It


¬†       Have you ever had a huge goal or task to complete that at the time seemed overwhelming? It may be that you are currently facing such a challenge with a new target that your boss has just set you and you’re still in shock and don’t know where to start! In […]

Trust is the KEY


Building a high performing team requires a number of ingredients but if you’re looking for that team to be able to sustain that drive and enthusiasm towards a common goal, you will need to ensure that trust is solid within your top team. Some years ago I had a conversation with a businessman who had […]


  It’s so easy to lose touch with what’s important to us, whether that’s personally or professionally, most of us run so fast to stay on the treadmill of life that it takes what we call a life jolt to help us put everything into perspective. If you’re lucky, the life jolt will create a […]

Life-Work Balance

On the 28th April we are taking 2 weeks out at a busy time of our year to support the Cycle Against Suicide charity in Ireland that has become really important to us as a business, we will be cycling 1,400km’s around the island of Ireland & Northern Ireland to raise awareness around the key […]


  Before I start on the topic of change, I thought I’d just share some stats which will give you something to think about. 90% of who we are has been wired by 35! 1% of your cells are replaced every day. Taste buds live only a few hours. Your white blood cells live for […]

Does “POSITIVITY” really work?

If you ask the question, I guess you’d get a lot of people just saying yeah of course being positive works, it’s fairly easy to see the impact of how being positive can have within a sporting context, when either an individual or a team are competing on the world stage. I’m sure a lot […]

The Mirror is always right.

There’s no getting away with it, if you want the truth you will get it when you look in the mirror. Whether it’s as simple as looking at your physical appearance to check out how you are progressing towards your fitness goals or if you are doing a deeper dive into other aspects of your […]